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Improve Efficiency

Insurance Verification
Patient Dental Billing
Patient Scheduling & Electronic Forms
Call Monitoring

Increase Patient Flow


Improve Patient Loyalty

Patient Recall

Insurance Verification

We make it easier for you.

Full History Breakdown

Our team does verification for all PPO, HMO, and Medicaid insurances as well as discount plans. We ask over 100 questions so when it comes time to collect payment all the information is already gathered.


Same Day Results

Our verifications are done three to five days in advance. Additionally, we provide instant verification for walk-ins. No need to get bogged down with verifying insurances. Count on us for this time-consuming task.


Patient Verified!

Once your patient is verified, you’re good to go and will now be free to focus on their needs and not have to worry about all of the hassle involved with forms and logistics.

Patient scheduling & electronic forms

Make it easier for your patients to get an appointment.

Convenient Online Forms

With digital online forms, booking an appointment is easier and more accessible than ever. Booking online saves patients and practice time by gathering information up front.

Reduce Wait Time

Filling out a form has never been easier for patients with Polaris online scheduling. By filling out a couple lines and picking their preferred appointment date, you are instantly notified and the conversation can begin.


Always Updated Info.

Are you tired of constantly having to update patient information? Keep all your patient information safe, secure, and updated digitally with our Polaris Online Scheduling.

Marketing Strategy & Execution

An entire DSO experienced team at your fingertips.

High Visibility with Digital

Let our expert marketing team take care of growing your practice’s online presence. We will manage all digital aspects such as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) to improve your website rankings and increase visibility to potential patients.

Branding Across all Channels

Our team will develop a comprehensive branding strategy taking into account your specific target demographic and company mission or message. This strategy will help your practice stand out and communicate a clear, consistent message across all channels.

Custom Tailored Print Strategy

From direct mail and stationery print to promotional branded items, our team makes sure the right message is being delivered. We use data to understand what works and what doesn’t work.

call monitoring

Know your call efficiency.

Measure Your Campaigns

Are your campaigns working? We measure their effectiveness with call monitoring and record the details so you never miss important patient feedback.

Measure Conversion

How many patients are you bringing in and keeping due to the quality of your conversations and customer service? We oversee the entire process and more.

Improve Your Team's Performance

Your patients are important and human interaction is key. We see the weak points and address them with daily notes and feedback to keep you in the loop and your patients satisfied.

Patient Recall

Keep your patients coming back.

Review of Patient Database

We do an in-depth review of your patient database and insurances so we can gather the necessary information required to properly address your patient’s needs.

Create Patient Loyalty

We call your patients and schedule appointments so you don’t have to. Since scheduling appointments can be a very time-consuming part of your day, we’ll take the reins and bring your patients back into your practice.


3-5 Patients Added Daily

On average, you will have 3-5 patients added to your daily appointments. Based on our strategic assessment and evaluation, we developed a system guaranteed to maximize the rate at which new patients come into your practice.

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