A Little About Polaris.

Spend more time catering to patients.

At Polaris Practice Solutions, the ultimate goal is to support busy dental offices throughout the country. We understand the hard work that must happen behind the scenes in order for patients to transition smoothly from the time they call, to the waiting room, to the dental chair and even to their next dental visit.

When you consider marketing, patient retention and the ever-changing insurance field, the amount of work required for success can easily become overwhelming. Our team of experienced professionals can handle most routine tasks while your in-office team spends more time catering directly to patients.

Why Do You Need Our Services?

Your administrative staff does an excellent job supporting your clinical team while taking excellent care of your patients. They play a key role in keeping your practice profitable, but they also show compassion and genuine care for the needs of each patient. 

Here’s the big question: Who’s supporting your administrative team to ensure that they’re equipped for success?

If the concept of supporting your support staff never crossed your mind, consider a 2018 Gallup poll that found about two-thirds of employees experience symptoms of burnout at least sometimes. Of the 7,500 full-time workers who participated in the survey, more than 20 percent reported feelings of burnout “very often or always.” The survey also identified an unmanageable workload as the second most common cause of burnout.

This is why supporting your administrative team is important. This is also why we work so hard to help reduce the workload on dental office administrative teams. Think of us as a backup team that can lower the risk of your employees feeling overworked, underappreciated and overwhelmed to the point of burnout.


Speed, Skill & Consistency = Polaris Practice Solutions

We operate from offices in Houston, Texas, and Cleveland, Ohio, but our services are available to dental practices throughout the United States. We’re committed to helping your office improve efficiency, increase patient flow and improve patient loyalty. We don’t succeed unless you succeed, and we settle for nothing less than remarkable success for all involved.

Our Mission

Our mission is to join forces with leading dental practices to make a difference in the lives of patients. We’re committed to handling background tasks that allow your administrative and support teams to focus more on direct patient care. Every dedicated support team deserves a little support of their own.


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