Know your call efficiency with call monitoring.

Record patient interactions.

A serious dental practice needs to pay attention to how their patients are being treated over the phone. Polaris Call Monitoring will give visibility to the side of your business you may have neglected.

In most cases, a phone call is often the very first interaction your patient will have with your office. Do you know what your patients call for? How long those calls last? Do they even get picked up?

Effective phone calls can increase appointment conversion up to 25 percentage points. This results in increased production for your practice.

Increase patient appointments with call monitoring.

Polaris Call Monitoring will also help you monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Are they really effective? How many phone calls does your website generate? What about the mailers or the Val-Pak you’re locked in to?

Don’t you think employing qualified and experienced hands to handle your call monitoring will increase the quality of your customer service? Your patients deserve the best from you and the quality of your service will determine their status; whether to stay or leave. Understand and improve your team’s performance. Check out our services.

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