Front Desk Resourcing

Only $1,200 per Month for a Full Time Resource

Completely trained, bilingual (English/Spanish), full time resource to work for your practice 40 hours per week. Includes various tasks like insurance verification, call backs, scheduling patients, reporting.

Your Full Time Resource

  1. Bilingual (English/Spanish) team member
  2. Fully trained for a dental office front desk
  3. Insurance verification, scheduling, phone answering, call backs
  4. 40 Hours per Week
  5. You manage the work, we manage your team
  6. Continuity and no revolving door

Your Reliable Resource

Polaris’ dedicated team of remote front desk dental staff is perfect for these times. Our team members are trained to do the job of a front desk employee. They’re bilingual, dedicated, and motivated to provide value to your organization. A Polaris resource saves you up to $24,000 a year in payroll expense.

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