Insurance Verification Made Simple

We verify your patient’s benefits by contacting insurance companies and even provide this for same day appointments. This enables your staff to focus on the patient inside the practice.

Timely and accurate insurance verification.

The verification process for insurance has been made easy to save your staff time and for patients to lower financial anxiety. This results in a positive relationship between staff and patients. At Polaris, verification of insurance helps to standardize admission processes to improve patient flow. As your authoritative source, we will navigate through the misinformation that is often provided by carriers and guide you through the proper documentation for a thorough utilization review.

Verification and eligibility of insurance must be timely and accurate in order to increase your admissions and to maintain a competitive edge. Polaris has years of experience, allowing us to apply our expertise to create a process that differs from other billing companies.

Polaris will provide each client with a verification form, designed to ensure all necessary information is obtained, eliminate errors and aid in a seamless process. After providing us with patient and insurance information, you’ll submit the information to our verification team. Our verification specialists confirm the benefits, via online portals to improve accuracy. We provide you with a customized dashboard which gives you up to date on all verification activity.

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