Patient billing done right.

Patient billing is frustrating. We get it.

It’s great to have good production in your dental practice but even more important is collecting on that production. And to have a high collection rate you need to know exactly what you’re doing. Billing is a dedicated function and often complicated. At Polaris, we provide you with a dedicated resource who maximizes your collection rates.


Is your collection rate less than 97%? If so we can help. 

Great dental practices lose thousands of dollars because of lower collection rates. This could be due to many reasons:

  1. Incorrect patient setup. Errors
  2. Employees understanding of insurance, billing, and which codes to bill out
  3. Team member turnover
  4. Unmotivated staff
  5. Unsupervised billing team. No accountability
  6. Lack of supporting documentation
  7. Failure to follow up with insurance companies

Your Dedicated Team in Houston, TX

Polaris provides your practice with a dedicated and experienced billing team to give you stability and continuity.

We pride ourselves on having a team that really understands dental billing and dentistry.

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