• Saves $25,000 a month
  • Missed call rate less than 10%
The team at Polaris Practice Solutions is the best! They have completely taken over insurance verifications and calls for all 13 of our practices. Not only does this give our staff at the practices more time to take good care of the patients, but we also save around $25,000 a month! Our missed call rates have gone down to less than 10% which enables more appointment creations and eventually an increase in production revenue. It’s a win win for us. We couldn’t be any happier.
  • Uninterrupted services for the last 14 months
  • Same day insurance verification
We have benefited immensely from Polaris Practice Solutions. Since we are a single practice, having someone always available to do insurance verifications is huge for us. We always fell behind even when an employee called off. With Polaris, we don’t have to worry about that. There is continuity of service and our operations have been running uninterrupted for the last 14 months. To top it all off, they are very quick at what they do. Majority of the time, they verify insurances the same day. We know of many other practices that struggle with the same issues we used to struggle with. They should definitely consider adding Polaris to their team.
  • Professional and friendly staff
  • Expert knowledge of the dental industry
The staff at Polaris is extremely professional and friendly. Our patients are always satisfied with their interactions on the phone. We have definitely had our share of upset patient calls and we couldn’t be happier with the way they were handled.
They are also experts on the dental industry. We did not have to train them much, since they were well rehearsed on the patient portals commonly used in the industry. Moving over calls and insurance verifications to them was an easy transition. We are delighted with their work and look forward to keeping our current and new patients happy.

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